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eZ Publish & Exchange Server / MAPI problem - Help please

eZ Publish & Exchange Server / MAPI problem - Help please

Thursday 13 November 2003 2:38:31 pm - 3 replies

Hi All,

my most recent eZ publish V2.2 installation works like a charm but cannot send emails. The problem is that in this intranet, there is no SMTP server, only Microsoft Exchange.

Same problem with V3.2.

What can I do to sort this problem.
Thank you very much indeed.


Thursday 13 November 2003 2:50:26 pm

What kind of operating system are you running eZ publisn on? If *NIX: this is not a problem at all. You can for example set up the local host to function as an SMTP server (and relay all eZ publish mail through that server). It is also possible to set up M$ Exchange to function as an SMTP server (or to install a 3rd party mini-SMTP server (windows app)).


Monday 22 December 2003 4:01:45 am

Do you know of any such mini-smtp apps for Windows? Are there any open source or very low cost servers that can run on my web server?

Monday 22 December 2003 9:29:10 am

You can grab a free SMTP server from (for example) Softstack:


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