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eZ publish - plain design

eZ publish - plain design

Wednesday 14 May 2003 6:02:32 am - 1 reply


I recently installed ezpublish 3
The demo was working wonderfully, then I implemented multisite access
and all of that is working well, the site.ini.append loads for each site.
And I used that left_menu.tpl hack to fix the Kernel 20 issue where the modules would not load.

But now, I am still left with trying to figure out what happenned to the style of the demo site / admin site / user site / etc...
every site now displays "eZ publish - plain design"
in plain white with the folder view

I have not had a chance to break anything else yet, so I am wondering if this is very common and what the fix might be to load these sites correctly.

Any answers or hints will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Wednesday 14 May 2003 4:47:46 pm


Have you configures the sitedesign in each siteaccess file? If not is only


I hope this help you


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