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eZ Publish Upgrade

eZ Publish Upgrade

Thursday 27 December 2012 11:48:50 pm - 2 replies

I am currently upgrading eZ Publish project from eZ Publish version 4.4 to eZ Publish 4.7. I am doing eZ Publish project upgrade for the first time and I am as well not a master in Linux. My question is how can I move the a complete folder from /ezpublish-root/ezp4.7 to /ezpublish-root and move all the files from /ezpublish-root to /ezpublish-root/ezp4.4 (as a backup)

Friday 28 December 2012 12:02:03 am

I personally prefer rsync for this sort of thing to maintain permissions and links:

rsync -Hair /ezpublish-root  /ezpublish-root/ezp4.4

rsync -Hair /ezpublish-root/ezp4.7 /ezpublish-root


But... I would als suggest that you look at symbolic links instead of doing the second command.  So you can have:

/ezpublish-root as a symbolic link

/ezpublish-root/ezp4.4 - directory of old stuff

/ezpublish-root/ezp4.7 - directory of new stuff

Then, when you're done with the upgrade, you can rm /ezpublish-root (the symbolic link to /ezpublish-root/ezp4.4) and then d:

ln -s /ezpublish-root/ezp4.7 /ezpublish-root

That way, you can revert the changes easily, and at the next upgrade you can easily get the new environment with just a new new symbolic link.



Friday 28 December 2012 3:59:34 pm

Thank you Steven


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