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ezoe : Not found error in customTags popup

ezoe : Not found error in customTags popup

Wednesday 09 November 2011 2:39:34 pm - 4 replies


in XML blocs, the customTag insertion popup displays a "not found" error.

The URL called in the popup is not correct : /ezoe/tags/74/9/custom/undefined

It should be : "/ezoe/tags/74/9/custom/" to insert a new customTag.

It looks like a JS error sending "undefined" instead of an empty string.

Do you have any idea what might cause this error ?

Thursday 10 November 2011 3:44:38 am

Hello Franck,

I'm sorry I have not yet encountered this problem before.

What version of eZ Pubish are you using?

What version of ezoe are you using?

If you have a set of reproducible instructions to recreate the issue using the latest community build available you may wish to consider filing an issue on

I hope this helps ...



Modified on Thursday 10 November 2011 3:44:56 am by // Heath

Thursday 10 November 2011 2:15:01 pm


I'm using eZ Publish 4.4.0 Enterprise and ezoe 5.2.0.

I'm just trying to insert a new custom tag in XML blocks.

Thursday 10 November 2011 2:45:31 pm

Hello Franck,

Normally I would recommend an upgrade in general as eZ Pubilsh 4.4.0 is quite old these days and it always helps to have the most recent version. But since your an Enterprise user this may not be feasible or possible at the moment.

You could search the issue tracker for any related existing issues (I could not find one related sorry).

I would try to debug the execution to find a patch which would solve the issue (this can be harder than it sounds apologies). 

I hope you are able to solve this issue ... sorry I don't have any better suggestions at the moment.




Thursday 10 November 2011 2:54:57 pm

Thank you Heath anyway... Unfortunately, an upgrade is not possible fot the moment.

I'm almost sure about a JS error but the Javascript code of ezoe is very hard to debug.

It could also happen because of a bad JS conf for my admin siteaccess, like a wrong version of jQuery or YUI. I will investigate.


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