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ezp stable release frequency

ezp stable release frequency

Wednesday 12 March 2008 12:31:28 am - 3 replies

Hi there,

I've noticed that there hasn't been any further stable release in the last 5 months. In the past, it used to be every month or two. Most of our sites are on 3.10.0 and there are a number of bugs (nothing major) that 3.10.1+ fixes but we have a policy of only installing or upgrading to a stable release. I'm just wondering when ez System will get back to "release early, release often". happy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 12 March 2008 1:14:37 am

This was a topic of discussion in the past (off line?)

I thought a decision had been to reduce the headache of so many upgrades a year and allow the eZ Crew to work on improving the product as we transition away from eZ Publish kernel libs, classes towards the eZ Components integration replacing core parts of the kernel.

This does leave more responsibility I'd imagine to the support folks tracking issues and awaiting updates.

I think a sentiment at the time was let those who can do. If you need a patch, get involved take responsibility in the interim until the official packaged release is made, the svn release / update is made or a patch is shared in the issue tracker.

It just seems the years of hand holding through frequent releases may have shifted for quite some time.


Thursday 13 March 2008 1:36:30 am

Cool, thanks Heath.

Thursday 13 March 2008 8:00:31 am


Much as I understand and support the decision to move on, bugs don't seem to pop-up on demand blunk.gif Emoticon And I believe those found in early minor versions are especially expected because substantial portion of new functionality was introduced. It would be better to have 1-2 releases that are more frequent, and only then move to smaller update frequency.

Just my two cents...


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