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Tuesday 09 November 2010 6:54:46 am - 2 replies

My global goal is to install a ezpublish+ezteamroom.

I installed ezpublish 4.3 on my Debian Lenny, this way:

Then I followed the INSTALL file in the ezteamroom:

The INSTALL file ( says:

Step 5: Install eZ Teamroom


Simply run this command in your eZ publish root directory:

"php extension/ezxmlinstaller/bin/php/xmlinstaller.php \

--template=teamroom/installezteamroom \


Replace the placeholder <SITEACCESS_NAME> with the name of an existing siteaccess

(not ezteamroom!) that should be used for the installation of eZ Teamroom.

How to create that siteaccess?

Note: I have no "ezwebin" extension anywhere. I did not find.

Tuesday 09 November 2010 7:05:16 am


You may find this article of value in search of information about siteaccesses and how to create them.



Wednesday 10 November 2010 7:36:08 pm

if is it is about P H P then tell me more.

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