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ezpublish-legacy standalone

ezpublish-legacy standalone

Saturday 09 March 2013 7:40:42 am - 2 replies

hi all,


since I am a little used to ezp4 I wanted to continue running ezp4. So I clone the ezpublish-legacy git repository as standalone and installed. Most things are running very smoothly so far. There is one thing though which bugs me: all calls to ezjscore do not work. So I have 2 question for any of you who have the nerve

  1. 1.are there any major odds against running ezpublish-legacy standalone?
  2. 2.does somebody have a hint concerning ezjscore functionality? 

Best wishes from Bamako



Saturday 09 March 2013 2:31:39 pm

Hi Sebastian,

there's no problem at all to run ezpublish-legacy standalone, it should work out of the box without any issue. However, I would recommend to use the version that comes in the community releases.

For your ezjscore issue, could you detail what happens exactly ? If you are talking about failing ajax requests, you should enable the debugger of your favorite browser and look at the output of those requests, they might contain some useful hints.


Sunday 10 March 2013 9:53:27 am

Hi Damien,
thanks for your reply. ezpublish-legacy has been working fine indeed as standalone as far as I came to the "ezjscore/call/ezjsc::time" call. When doing that it in Chrome throws me
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'display' of null"
"This page contains the following errors:
error on line 1 at column 1: Document is emptyBelow is a rendering of the page up to the first error."
I checked before with an installation with community version 2012.06 which does work flawlessly when calling above test URL. So I tried Firefox + Firebug and this throws:
XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Syntax-Fehler Adresse: Zeile Nr. 1, Spalte 1:
<sourcetext>1362849314 ^</sourcetext>
"XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Syntax-Fehler
Zeile Nr. 1, Spalte 1:1362849314
I set LogLevel = debug + display_errors=On + error_reporting = E_ALL in Apache/PHP, but I doesn't throw any errors. Also enabling debug modi in eZPublish does not help. So I figured it must be a format issue. I have no clue about JSON and the like, so I just poke in the dark. I do
which throws
So I gather that the server response is sent in JSON format and the browser does not recognize that somehow. While searching for JSON + ezjscore + error I found As far as these postings concerned I receive always JSON format, whereas one may evaluate both error_text and content variables. So there must have been some change in between 2012.06 and 2013.01 concerning this issue.
Best wishes from Bamako


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