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ezPublish vmware appliance?

ezPublish vmware appliance?

Wednesday 06 August 2008 11:11:34 am - 1 reply

Hi everyone,

I'm searching for a LAMP ezPublish vmware appliance (possibly Ubuntu based)... does it exist?
I didn't found anything neither googling neither on vmware Virtual Appliance Marketplace.

Kindly regards,

Wednesday 06 August 2008 12:31:02 pm

Hi Dario,

I don't think such a thing exists, i maybe wrong though.

You could always use a "quick set-up" stack (apache, php, mysql) such as XAMPP:-


or Apache2Triad..


These can run on your native OS, and XAMPP is multi-platform.

This may be the quickest way to get a development environment up and running, if you don't fancy configuring it all yourself happy.gif Emoticon

You could also create a new VM and submit it to the community.




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