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ezpublish5 community project 2013.1 install problem

ezpublish5 community project 2013.1 install problem

Monday 25 February 2013 6:53:38 am - 5 replies

Hi Guys


Had problem when I try install ezpublish5 community project 2013.1 on Apache server, I can see the web/index.php/ezsetup page, but nothing happened when I click both button - just refresh page and do nothing. And no error message appear.


Anyone can help, plz?

Monday 25 February 2013 8:38:52 am

Hi Wayne!

Have you followed the instructions about vhost configuration here:



Monday 25 February 2013 2:00:10 pm

Hi Wayne.

I don't know if I have the same problem, but when I would like to install the community project 2013.1, the page "web/index.php/ezsetup" contains a <form> HML tag, and  this tag contains a "action" attribute whithout the good url (web/index.php instead of web/index.php/ezsetup).

I had to change the "action" attribute on each page during the install process, and replace it by "web/index.php/ezsetup"

<form action="web/index.php">  becomes <form action="web/index.php/ezsetup">

After that, the installation process works fine.


Tuesday 26 February 2013 1:31:37 pm

This issue has already popped up elsewhere in the forums (use the search, Luke...).

I personally had it at some point in time, but the day I set out to trace the root cause of the bug, I could not reproduce it any more!

I think in my case it was related to not having used a "perfect" vhost config. The other option I was considering (Apache acceptpathinfo) I did test and ruled out not to be influent.

So, any specific deep-debugging info is welcome (I'm looking at you, Arnaud). Concerning esp. the $_SERVER vars and how it gets injected into Symfony and the passed on to eZ, as it is not a problem with the templates of the setup wizard putting the correct url in the "action" tag.

Tuesday 16 April 2013 4:04:48 pm

Hello Gaetano,

I have written a comment on this post :



Wednesday 17 April 2013 11:10:36 am

AL u r da man!

But I'd expect from you a poper Jira report and pull request...

blunk.gif Emoticon


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