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eZPublish5 web.config

eZPublish5 web.config

Friday 07 November 2014 1:48:04 pm - 1 reply


I've adapted by web.config according to Gaetano's suggestion in https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZP-18322 and Dan Parchment's suggestion in http://share.ez.no/forums/install-configuration/windows-server-2008-r2-iis7-its-rewrite-module-ez-publish-rewrite-rules/%28language%29/eng-GB But these only accounts for eZP 4.x rewrite rules.

It all works great, except for the css and js (assetic) not loading. Can anyone provide a functioning web.config, for eZ Publish 5, to be used in IIS 7?

Cheers and thanks,

Modified on Friday 07 November 2014 6:21:52 pm by Io Sol Inf

Saturday 08 November 2014 12:34:11 am

Hmmm... it seems that adding

            <add input="{URL}" pattern="css/" ignoreCase="false" />
            <add input="{URL}" pattern="js/" ignoreCase="false" />

will do. I am going to close now


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