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ezwebin and right tools

ezwebin and right tools

Friday 15 January 2010 1:07:06 pm


By default, the ezwebin extension does not allows to add tools on the right.
To achieve this, I added this code in the template:
{section show=ezini( 'Toolbar_right', 'Tool', 'toolbar.ini' )|count}
   <div id="rightmenu">
     <div id="rightmenu-design">
       <h3 class="hide">Right menu</h3>
       <div id="toolbar-right">
          <div class="toolbar-design">
             {tool_bar name=right view=full}
          </div>{* id="toolbar-design" *}
        </div>{* id="toolbar-right" *}
      </div>{* id="rightmenu-design" *}
   </div>{* id="rightmenu" *}
which is the code we can find in the default template pagelayout.tpl which comes with the "plain site" installation.
This works fine except I have to clear the caches each time I add/remove a tool.
I tried several syntaxes cache-block to frame my code but I get no result.
Has anybody ever added tools with ezwebin?


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