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Ezwebin Website Interface upgrade advice needed

Ezwebin Website Interface upgrade advice needed

Thursday 19 December 2013 12:21:42 am - 2 replies

I have been going through the fraught and laborious process of upgrading my ezpublish install.
4.1 to 4.2 went well.

4.2 to 4.3 cost me my ezwebin_site_admin interface and simple edit graphic user interface, so I killed and re-imported my DB. About a days work lost with everything that went wrong. Mostly issues of space for the DB.

It appeared that my problems in 4.3 were related to the Website Interface Upgrade (1.6) that I tried to do.
I see there is an option for the ezwebin upgrade (1.5) in Ezpublish 4.2

Will it be advantageous for me to install ezwebin 1.5 in my Ezpublish 4.2 install before I move on to 4.3 ? Or should I just persevere with it in 4.3. Its the changes to the DB that I am concerned about.

Do I really need any ezwebin upgrades?, none of the features particularly appeal to me.
Is it pivotal to continue my upgrade path ?

Thanks in advance.

Modified on Thursday 19 December 2013 3:19:40 am by cousin mosquito

Thursday 19 December 2013 8:11:24 pm

Did you activate ezjscore and called its css and javascrpt load functions?

Thursday 19 December 2013 9:29:57 pm

Quote from Thiago Campos Viana :

Did you activate ezjscore and called its css and javascrpt load functions?

It wont let me upload the ezjscore_extension package.
Its a known problem, but I haven't seen a solution anywhere.


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