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Folder rights change after cache clear

Folder rights change after cache clear

Tuesday 26 September 2017 2:20:06 pm - 1 reply

Hello! I installed eZ Platform, it works quite good on local server, but there is a trouble with folder rights. After every clearing of cache app/cache/dev changes owner from www-data to root and site can't be loaded till i change the owner with sudo chown. During the installation by the guide ( I've set the folder rights as it was shown there. (Using chown on Linux/BSD/OS X systems that don't support ACL) but the trouble still appear. Can anybody give me a hint what did i miss? Thanks a lot!

Monday 02 October 2017 11:20:05 pm

You're clearing the cache as root. If you manage your server as root you can use su to give a command as another user.

 su -m www-data -c "php app/console cache:clear"

You can make an alias for this for example:

 alias ezcc='su -m www-data -c "php app/console cache:clear"'

And use "ezcc" to clear the cache from your ezroot directory.


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