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For php-apc settings when I run the ezpublish

For php-apc settings when I run the ezpublish

Wednesday 05 June 2013 5:30:03 am - 3 replies

Is there a recommended setting for ez as specified (the size of the shared memory) shm-size of php-apc?

The server is set to 64M of default in the case of CentOS6.

If I leave to activate the server for a while,a lot of  error has occurred.

"PHP Warning: Unknown:. Unable to allocate memory for pool in Unknown on line 0"


information about sizing of shm-size, Is there such a guide?

Wednesday 05 June 2013 10:39:25 pm

Hey fuku fuku,

I know that english is not your primary language, but it's quite difficult to understand what you mean, especially in your other topic.

Here it's simple to answer: There is no guide about shm-size that I know of, but the good news is that you already know what to change in your APC configuration. I suggest you try to increase it to 128M and see what happens (or doesn't happen).

Thursday 06 June 2013 5:32:59 am

Hi, Hypolite

I'm sorry because it does not understand the english.

Also, thank you for answer.

I'll try to set in the 128M
Thank you.

Thursday 06 June 2013 5:51:33 am

No problem, don't forget to set your topic as resolved if it worked for you, just click the bubble on the left of the title.


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