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FreeBSD port of ez Publish 5 - Call for testers

FreeBSD port of ez Publish 5 - Call for testers

Tuesday 08 July 2014 4:13:28 pm - 3 replies


I've created a FreeBSD port for ez Publish 5 2014.03, and would very much like to have it installed and tested by others, before I submit it, so that it can become part of the official FreeBSD ports tree.

The port should build and install anything that ez Publish needs to run. All that's left to the user is to pick some choices in the ports configuration dialog (or stick to the defaults), configure his webserver and database, and simply start ezsetup.

A short guide to the essentials of the installation and an example vhosts file (which I shamelessly stole from this website) is included.

For the brave, I've also created a FreeBSD port for Varnishs libvmod-curl, so that Varnish can be used as a caching server in front of ez Publish.  But you're basically alone with that one, since I really lack knowledge about ez Publish, and wouldn't be able to help you with problems beyond anything directly related to Varnish.

Both ports and the instructions can be found at the following location:


MfG CoCo

Wednesday 23 July 2014 8:43:05 pm


Interesting project.

But I have no freebsd available for testing.

And I guess that linux will not do blunk.gif Emoticon

Do you have any suggestion for freebds vms to use for the purpose ?

Friday 08 August 2014 11:33:43 am


I would have expected the forum software to automatically notify me of any replies, so I didn't check back regularly. I've now enabled tracking for this topic.


Anyway, thank you for your interest in the FreeBSD port -- there's basically two possibilities for trying the ezPublish port:

  1. Roll your own, fetch a FreeBSD virtual machine image from and install the port in there
  2. Contacting me for a trial account on one of our servers, either for manual installation or for functional tests on a completed one

MfG CoCo

Modified on Friday 08 August 2014 11:37:17 am by Marco Steinbach

Monday 11 August 2014 2:40:21 am

Hi there,

I've updated the port to version 2014.7. To be found at

MfG CoCo

Modified on Monday 11 August 2014 2:40:57 am by Marco Steinbach


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