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GraphicsMagick as replacement for ImageMagick?

GraphicsMagick as replacement for ImageMagick?

Monday 14 March 2011 11:00:34 am - 2 replies claims to be highly efficient and compatible to ImageMagick. It also claims that due to its MIT X11 style license it is better suited for Open Source projects.

Has any one used GraphicsMagick so far? Please report any experiences. Thanks.

Tuesday 15 March 2011 4:26:43 pm

Hi. Using both. Graphicsmagick is slightly better in terms of efficiency, but I think they basically stuck at the feature set from the time when they forked from Imagemagick. That said, I'm missing some functionality in graphicsmagick (especially the "aspect correct resize to fill given area" for thumbnails).

Unless you run a really high load server or have special needs for new Imagemagick features, you won't probably recognize the difference (given you install the Imagemagick compatibility "layer" and use it in "eZPublish" way).


Tuesday 15 March 2011 5:38:05 pm

Thanks Petr for your judgement!

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