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Hello world route

Hello world route

Friday 26 December 2014 9:24:57 am - 1 reply

Hi, i'm newbie in ez publish but i have done some projects with symfony 2.)  

after installaing ez publish 5 , (xamp , rewrite rule activated and excution memory (php.ini) , so all is a good . demo and admin are working as well.

now the hello world  (cookbookbundle) , i follow every step in this documents, but when i tape /cookbook/hello/patrick i get an 

Object not found!
The requested URL could not be found on this server . If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.


i cleared the cache, verify my routes , and still got nothing, the bizare thing that withe routematch command , it reconize my route, aloso when i execute 

$ php ezpublish/console ezpublish:cookbook:hello world i get helloworld as a result , every thnig is working in command interface , but on browser....nothing.

Note : my full root (un url ) is http://localhost/ezpublish/cookbook/hello/patrick.

please help me.

thanks a lot 

Monday 29 December 2014 4:55:48 am

You can use:

php ezpublish/console route:debug | grep hello

to get the URL

Then use it in the browser, probably like so: http://localhost/ezpublish/hello/patrick


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