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Help! Can not set max_execution_time!

Help! Can not set max_execution_time!

Thursday 26 June 2003 5:43:47 pm - 2 replies

I'd like to set the php max_execution_time to more than 30 secs.
But there is no php.ini file on my computer, nor can I find any other readable file containing "max_execution_time". There's just a ezpublish/php/php4ts.dll that contains the string...
I have installed the Windows2000 Installer /ezpublish-version 3.0.2 that includes Apache and PHP.
I also tried to override it with an .htaccess file - but that doesn't work either sad.gif Emoticon
Does anybody know what's going on here?
Thanks in advance,

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Thursday 26 June 2003 6:03:27 pm

I think that the PHP installation uses default values if no php.ini is installed. Could be that this is the standard procedure for the installer package. There was a thread that told you to copy a php.ini from somewhere to your PHP installation (or is it /winnt?) and modify there.

Maybe somebody with a bit more insight into this could comment on the issue? happy.gif Emoticon


Thursday 26 June 2003 7:14:05 pm

Dear Karsten,
i just tried out your suggestion - and it solved my problem!
I'm so glad about your fast reply!
Now I can edit the object again, that has so many locations (and there even have to be more!)
This is what I did:
get a php.ini file from http://cvs.php.net/co.php/php-src/
modify the max_execution_time value, leave the rest as it is
copy this file to C:\WINNT\php.ini
restart Apache
happy.gif Emoticon
happy.gif Emoticon

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