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Help! I didn't find anything in the forum about my problems

Help! I didn't find anything in the forum about my problems

Wednesday 19 January 2005 10:23:06 pm - 3 replies

Hi, I'm trying to install Ez Publish 3.5 on a Linux server with Ensim Webappliance.

So let's go with the problems.

1)I've modiefied the php.ini for the safe_mode param. I've set it off but the system tell me tha it's on. I've also tried change the owner of the directories without succes.

2)Php can't create the /tmp directory. I didn't uderstand where I've to create it...

3)I've ignore the two points explained before and everything goes well until the last step. When the system has to create sites this errors appears (and I didn't find anything in forum pages):

" The setup wizard was not able to complete the creation of your selected sites.

The following errors were detected:

* EZSW-051Could not install addon package named contact_us
* EZSW-040Failed to initialize site package plain

If you think you have fixed the errors you can try and click the "Retry" button. "

Anyone can help me?


Modified on Wednesday 19 January 2005 10:24:06 pm by Fabrizio Barachino

Friday 27 January 2006 7:37:26 am

I am having similar problems. I am on a virtual server and so I will not be able to change the safe mode settings.

I was able to change the permissions, but the chown changes don't seem to be recognized.

I have created tmp directories at root and in ezpub directory (which resides at root) and neither are recognized. Cannot get past these issues in the wizard.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Friday 27 January 2006 8:21:29 am

@Fabrizio : have you restarted the webserver after you've changed the safe mode setting ? And if yes, just check the output of the phpinfo() function to see if safe mode is actually disabled.

@Jim : there is no way eZ Publish will run with safe mode enabled, the restrictions are far too important...

Friday 27 January 2006 8:46:00 am

@Fabrizio: Could you change topic to more adequate to your problem? Currently says nothing, this will help forum readers and future users who search for similar problem.


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