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How can I configure my dedicated server?

How can I configure my dedicated server?

Wednesday 31 January 2007 4:24:19 pm - 3 replies

I tried many default distributions. But no one can run eZ publish.
I installed Debian Sarge 3 and If I use packages, I can only have php 4.3 or php 5, mysql makes me install exim4 and I don't even know why and what it makes me install it for...
And I don't tell you about apache packages which seems to really want me to install the 2.0 version.
If I want php 4.0, mysql 4.1 and apache 1.3 it seems that I need to compile lib by lib all items.
If eZ publish don't want to run under standards such as php4.3 or default setup of apache2.
Why there isn't any article that explain us the steps to configure our servers ?

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Wednesday 31 January 2007 4:31:40 pm


Have a look here http://www.open-net.ch/fre/open_s...eur/installation_d_un_serveur_debian
This is my default config for Debian dedicated server (apache 2 Php 4.4 and mysql 5)
Works fine on Debian etch

Wednesday 31 January 2007 4:41:18 pm

eZ will run under Apache 2, you should just be sure that you're using the "prefork" MPM and not the "worker" one when you configure it - if I remember correctly, this is the default setup. I've been running eZ on Sarge by using some packages from http://dotdeb.org - they have PHP4.4 and it runs fine under Apache 1. I'm not sure about why MySQL wants Exim, but I have Postfix installed instead and that works fine. Incidentally I think Ubuntu Dapper (or 6.06, the long-term support one) has all that stuff by default too - I use it as my desktop and for development purposes.

There are several articles on http://ez.no and also on http://ezpedia.org about configuring servers, though they don't usually go to the level of the OS setup.

Wednesday 31 January 2007 5:15:56 pm


Thanks for sharing Michael!


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