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how put frendly urls to work ?

how put frendly urls to work ?

Saturday 28 December 2002 7:39:23 pm


I have instaled the full packadge with ezpublish 3 beta install for windows (Apache 1.3x + mysql + php4 + ezpublish 3 beta) , and after change user/password/mysql port on my.ini (mysql config) and edit something on site.ini files, everything works perfect.

On other windows box with previous install of Apache 2, php4.x, mysql, I install the ez manually. Of course I edit site.ini and make some changes (paths, mysql user, etc). I open the index page Ok (http://localhost/ez/index.php) but all links (friendly urls like http://localhost/ez/index.php/user/content/view/full/26/) give errors (404 not found).

At same time I understand this problem is related with the friendly url not recognized.

I look to the httpd.conf, php.ini at both machines and no understand where is the problem. Look for something related with mod_rewrite but seems ezpublish is not using this ...

I m lost ...

Can you help ?



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