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How to fix missing interface in ez 4.3

How to fix missing interface in ez 4.3

Thursday 20 March 2014 11:38:20 pm - 1 reply

I am sharing this with you because knowledge is always hard won in Ezpublish for me, and hopefully I can save another person a months work on trying to make their installation run.I started on this in December of last year, 4 months ago.

The goal, to upgrade from ezpublish 4.2 to 4.3.
The problem? There is no gui (graphic user interface) present in the front-end or back-end editors after following all the installation procedure.

After enabling debuging in my template and many weeks of trouble shooting and chasing red herrings I got the idea that my problem might be related to ezjscore. Every time ezjscore was enabled in the appropiate ini files, the gui would lose all css styling and become un-navigable.

A quick look inside the installed ezjscore extension folder shows a readme file of 0 bytes. Not much help there.I go back to the upgrade procedure: At the bottom of step 2 is a link to the eZ JS Core doc pages.

The link goes here: 

There is no actual content here at all, in either the Installation or Requirements pages.You might think to click on the "Parent" link above, which is what the upgrade pages should have linked to. (I missed this link for several months when trying to trouble shoot this problem).

The title of the page is called eZ JS Core. 

Near the bottom of that page is a link that is prepended with: For more information regarding use and configuration please read:ezjscore: eZ Publish JavaScript and Ajax framework,  which goes here: 

The most useful thing you will find on this page is the link on the right called "Conclusion". It links to here: 

Near the bottom of the  "Conclusion" section you will find a bulleted list, the last item of which is "ezjscore installation". JOY! It goes here: 

In this page you will find a lot of information that would have been very useful if it lived in the extension folder for Ez jscore.In this page is a reference to a file called ezjscore.ini

If you hunt around you will find that ezjscore.ini lives in the extensions folder: extension/ezjscore/settings/ezjscore.ini 

If you open that file you will see that at the top is a section called: [eZJSCore]
Under it is the line:

By trial and error I found that deleting the # from in front of "Packer=disabled" returned the graphic user interface (guis) of my editors.It also meant that enabling admin2 did not break the css layout. Alleleuiah.

So, to summarise.
4.3 ships with the gui turned off. Despite having the Rewrite rules set as per the (conflicting) instructions there is no gui until the "Packer=disabled" is "un-hached"

Instructions in here:  say: replaceRewriteRule ^/var/cache/texttoimage/.* - [L]RewriteRule  ^/var/[^/]+/cache/(texttoimage|public)/.* - [L]

with: RewriteRule ^/var/([^/]+/)?cache/(texttoimage|public)/.* - [L]

where as in:  it says to add: RewriteRule ^/var/([^/]+/)?cache/public/.* - [L]

I chose the first option.

Thanks again to Betsy and Steven for offering their help

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Saturday 22 March 2014 4:01:36 pm

Great post - glad you got it working.


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