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how to upgrade from 3.3-1 to 3.4-0?

how to upgrade from 3.3-1 to 3.4-0?

Friday 11 June 2004 4:05:39 pm - 1 reply

hi all
yes, I know, my version is very old
i read here http://www.ez.no/content/view/full/51977 that, in order to upgrade to 3.3-1 to 3.4-0 i need to first upgrade to 3.3-5.
where can i find the files to upgrade to this version before to upgrade to the latest?

i'm finishing in these days a very long project based on the 3.3-1 version and i'd like to upgrade to the latest

i wonder if it's possible

best regards

Friday 11 June 2004 5:16:21 pm

hi Alessandro,
use the Search form and write ezpublish-3.3-5 and you'll find it blunk.gif Emoticon
It's the first link

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