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I new here, I can't install, I got error...

I new here, I can't install, I got error...

Monday 22 May 2006 5:25:15 am - 1 reply

Kernel (20) / Error

Module not found

The requested module setup could not be found.

Possible reasons for this are:

* The module name was misspelled, try changing the URL.
* The module does not exist on this site.
* This site uses siteaccess matching in the URL and you didn't supply one, try inserting a siteaccess name before the module in the URL .

I can't install it, please tell me step by step how to setup it. v3.8
The command line is new for me, I never do it before... I was create new MySQL Database...
I need help about:
1. Which files must be config? Config what?
2. How to correct this error: Module not found
3. And successful setup

Modified on Monday 22 May 2006 5:35:13 am by Kathleen Mcdonough

Friday 09 June 2006 5:07:22 pm

Perhaps you use PHP 5 instead PHP 4?


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