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Image file cleanup

Image file cleanup

Tuesday 02 June 2009 2:48:44 pm - 2 replies


It appears that the bin/php/flatten.php script to remove non-published versions of the object does not clean up the matching image files per removed object version. Is this a correct assumption, and if so, what function/script would be the best option to use to clean up the image files?


Tuesday 02 June 2009 4:59:42 pm

Hmm-what about this...

function deleteOldVersions( $eZObjectID )
	 global $cli;
	$eZObject = eZContentObject::fetch( $eZObjectID );
	$objectVersions = $eZObject->versions();
	$objectVersionID = $eZObject->attribute( 'current_version' );
	$cli->output(count($objectVersions)." versions");
	foreach ( $objectVersions as $version )
		$versionID = $version->attribute('version');
		if ($objectVersionID != $versionID)
			$contentObjectAttributes = $version->contentObjectAttributes();
			foreach ( $contentObjectAttributes as $contentObjectAttribute )
				$classAttribute = $contentObjectAttribute->contentClassAttribute();
				$dataTypeString = $classAttribute->attribute( 'data_type_string' );

				if ($dataTypeString == "ezimage")
					 eZImageAliasHandler::removeAllAliases( $contentObjectAttribute );
	 				$cli->output("deleting image");
			$db = eZDB::instance();
			$cli->output("removing version ".$versionID);
	$objectVersions = $eZObject->versions();
	$cli->output(count($objectVersions)." versions remaining. Current version is ".$objectVersionID);

Tuesday 02 June 2009 6:02:03 pm


I would recommend creating a new issue in the issue tracker to add this functionality into the default ezpublish releases. This seems like something that should be available by default.



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