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Images no longer being loaded after upgrade

Images no longer being loaded after upgrade

Thursday 31 May 2012 9:29:02 pm - 3 replies


I've recently upgraded to

PHP Version 5.2.17

and running ezp 4.3 but now the images i load through the admin are no longer rendering or appearing on both the client and admin side. I have GD installed. Do I need something else?

Thanks in advance

Thursday 31 May 2012 11:29:00 pm


Have you checked PHP logs?

Also why don't you give ImageMagick a try?

There are some debates here:

Saturday 02 June 2012 1:13:28 pm

Hi Neo,

Here's a few things to check:

  1. Are the images being written to the /var/your_sitename/storage/images/ directory?
  2. Does your web server have write access to the /var directory?
  3. Do the eZ Publish error logs in /var/log/error.log give you any clues?
  4. Do the web server error logs give you any clues?
  5. Does your user have permission to upload & view images?
  6. Are you trying to upload images that are larger than the max_upload_size in php.ini, or eZ Publish?
  7. Have you cleared the eZ Publish cache?

Hope one of these helps.

When you say you have GD installed, do you mean that it is also enabled in your php.ini (non-cli) and in eZ Publish /settings/override/image.ini.append.php? (actually GD is usually enabled in eZ by default).



Friday 08 June 2012 4:26:48 pm

Hi Geoff,

It's ok, I got my hosts to load up Imagemagick and everything is cool

thanks for your suggestions happy.gif Emoticon


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