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Inexact siteaccess matching?

Inexact siteaccess matching?

Tuesday 04 December 2012 12:02:39 pm - 4 replies

Hi all

We've just discovered that sites with a admin site access named site_admin setup using URI matching will accept site accesses that are not exact matches. i.e. with "." & "-" instead of "_"

So http://site.domain/site.admin &  http://site.domain/site-admin work.

Is this a new "feature"?

Is there a way to turn it off?


Modified on Tuesday 04 December 2012 12:07:02 pm by Bruce Morrison

Tuesday 04 December 2012 1:05:55 pm

It's a "feature" in the form of a work around for a issue.
As stated here:, this should be fixed by only strictly accepting the same name as this causes issues for search engines, and document what characters are valid in site access names.

Modified on Tuesday 04 December 2012 2:24:48 pm by André R

Tuesday 04 December 2012 1:31:57 pm

Thanks for the reply André but I'm not sure that's it.  We are running eZ 4.6 and this all looks too new. I'll have a look at the code and see what I can find out.

Tuesday 04 December 2012 2:26:05 pm

So this issue is not what is affecting you here? 

Tuesday 04 December 2012 2:51:56 pm that I've read it again I think it is. (I've been up early doing upgrades so that's my excuse happy.gif Emoticon

Many thanks

Modified on Tuesday 04 December 2012 3:24:53 pm by Bruce Morrison


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