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instalation after crash

instalation after crash

Wednesday 12 October 2011 9:34:00 pm - 2 replies

hello. can anyone help me

i had ez 4.2.0 installed. unfortunatelly i have system crusk (disk failure).

i installed new debian and try to start ez again.

what i have done ?

i install apache phy and mysql exactly the same as were previousy.

ten copy all files from backup (ez direstory). fixed permisssion and it doesnt work sad.gif Emoticon

i have You do not have permission to access this area. on my main page

and when i try log into admin page i have


  • MySQLi extension was not found, the DB handler will not be initialized.


  • No database connection could be made, the system might not behave properly.

but what is strange i did new ez (the same version) installation (demo site) and works fine.

it means that php or mysql or apache is ok

why old page doesnt work ? can anyone help.

i check of course if i can log into database with ez user (linux mysql console command) and its work fine


best regards


Wednesday 12 October 2011 9:44:38 pm

Probably you have the mysql module in PHP and not the mysqli (mysql improved).

The setup wizard gets the correct one and makes the according ini settings. The mysqli driver is recommended so you should additionally install it.


Wednesday 12 October 2011 9:54:46 pm

yeeea it works

thanks a lot Artur !


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