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Install and configure without internet

Install and configure without internet

Tuesday 21 December 2010 9:38:49 am - 2 replies

I am very new to ez-publish and I have set up ez-publish a couple of times and it has worked great. But, now i have to install and configure ez-publish on a computer that doesn't have internet but during installation ez-publish downloads some files and so I am unable to complete the installation.

Could anyone tell me how can I do it manually? what files should i download and where should I copy them to to make this work?


Tuesday 21 December 2010 3:39:20 pm

Well, it wasn't very difficult. I found all the repositories at and I downloaded them and manually uploaded each one to complete the installation.

Tuesday 21 December 2010 3:55:15 pm

Another approach that saves manually uploading during install.

While online, run a test install choosing preferred package. This builds the required packages into /var/storage/packages/eZ-systems

Copy that eZ-systems folder to offline accessible storage

Start the offline install. After any fine tune warnings are cleared, move a copy of the eZ-systems folder into location below /var/storage/packages on the server.

Continue the installation, and that package list should display feature complete, everything listed as "imported" at Site package selection screen during offline install.

Any problems, verify permissions of the eZ-systems folder.

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