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Installation don't work for me

Installation don't work for me

Wednesday 08 October 2003 9:09:20 pm - 4 replies

Hi all,
I cannot install ezp 3.2. The wizard report 100% installed but, when I try access to the site, both user or admin pages, an alert show: "the document contain no data". Below the results of the registration field that I cannot send via wizard, any idea?
Tnx all in advance.


Site info:
Template - News
Title - News
URL - http://www.xxxx.it/publish/index.php/news
Admin URL - http://www.xxxxx.it/publish/index.php/news_admin
Access type - url
Access value - news

PHP info:
Version - 4.3.1

OS info
Name - Linux xxxx.it 2.4.18-27.7.x #1 Fri Mar 14 06:58:54 EST 2003 i686

Database info:
Type - MySQL
Driver - ezmysql

Demo data:
Demo data was installed.

Email info:
Transport - sendmail

Image conversion:
ImageMagick was found and used.
Path - /usr/local/bin
Executable - convert
ImageGD extension was found and used.

Regional info:
Primary - ita-IT
Additional - ita-IT

Critical tests

directory_permissions - Success
phpversion - Success
database_extensions - Success
image_conversion - Success
open_basedir - Success
safe_mode - Success

Other tests:

php_magicquotes - Failure
zlib_extension - Success
mbstring_extension - Success
imagegd_extension - Success
imagemagick_program - Success
database_all_extensions - Failure
file_upload - Success
php_register_globals - Failure

Thursday 09 October 2003 2:29:27 pm

Do you get a page if you only enter http://www.xxxx.it/publish/index.php ?

Thursday 09 October 2003 2:43:33 pm

Hi Jan,
no, when the installation is completed, http://www.xxxx.it/publish/index.php show the same message.
I don't understand... the 3.1 version works fine..
I run on a virtual server, if this can help and, if needed I can tell you the complete address.

Saturday 11 October 2003 9:26:35 am

"the document contain no data" - you get this in IE, right? Smells like a web-server problem. Have you tried to restart the web-server? (Make sure all child processes are dead, etc.) What happens if you try to access the page using telnet?

From a UNIX shell:

$> telnet www.example.com 80

[...output bla bla bla...]

GET /path/to/index.php HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost


What is the output?


Modified on Saturday 11 October 2003 9:27:27 am by Balazs Halasy

Saturday 11 October 2003 5:57:22 pm

Yes, via browser, IE and Mozilla. I'have restarted the VS with no changes and telnet access report: Permission denied. It's crazy, because I have admin permission. I cannot understand sad.gif Emoticon The older versions was installed fine... mah!


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