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Installation (ezflow) with sample content reports errors

Installation (ezflow) with sample content reports errors

Thursday 26 May 2011 5:27:34 am - 2 replies

 I have installed 4.4 with eZ ezflow and sample content. The main language is German. All content and all "translation.ts" are translated. When I run the setup in the admin interface, I get the following debug message.

Debug: ezpI18n::translateText  May 26 2011 07:52:00
Missing translation for message in context: 'design/admin/setup/cache'. The untranslated message is: ''


The main file (ts) contains an empty translation. Deleting the "message" does not help.
When I call the homepage, I get the following debug message. This message is also used in the English side access.

Warning: PHP: E_WARNING  May 26 2011 08:30:30
strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in E:\proj\www\ez44\htdocs\lib\eztemplate\classes\eztemplate.php on line 1746

eztemplate.php on line 1746
 if ( isset( $root[1][0][2] ) && strpos( $root[1][0][2], '<!DOCTYPE' ) === 0 )

If I do not delete the cache, I have no wrongs.
Does anyone know a way to a solution.

Grateful for any help

Modified on Friday 27 May 2011 12:40:28 am by Falkmar Fischer

Thursday 26 May 2011 9:34:44 am

It's been fixed, you can always check things like this by first checking blame/history of the file in question on github, then secondly if there is a issue for it with more information.

1. Browse to the file: https://github.com/ezsystems/ezpu...ib/eztemplate/classes/eztemplate.php
2. Check blame on the line in question or history and you'll find this: https://github.com/ezsystems/ezpu...37c69036aa9b4c3916aae74cdbe584 

Friday 27 May 2011 1:33:32 am

Big thanks for your help and the fix. Unfortunately, the search in Github was not very helpful. But the "blame"key is a great help. The best entry is probably https://github.com/ezsystems/ezpublish/ and then click to the finish. The two errors had no connection and are easy to eliminate.
... eztemplate.php on line 1746
way 1

e088332c ¬Ľandrerom
2010-08-24 Fix # 011 317: appendDebugNodes breaks IE by trigger

The line in 1746 against the following exchange

if ( isset( $root[1][0][2] ) && is_string( $root[1][0][2] ) && strpos( $root[1][0][2], '<!DOCTYPE' ) === 0 )

way 2
The complete contents of eztemplate.php exchange

After replacing the entire file, I get another error message.

Warning: Mai 26 2011 18:39:22
Path 'extension/ezie/autoloads/' does not have the file 'eztemplateautoload.php' allthough it reported it had one.
Looked for file 'extension/ezie/autoloads/eztemplateautoload.php'
Check the setting [TemplateSettings]/ExtensionAutoloadPath or AutoloadPathList in your site.ini settings.

The image editor does not contain any autoloads. https://github.com/ezsystems/ezie

Comment the [template settings]

#---Edit Start ---
# [TemplateSettings]
# ExtensionAutoloadPath[]=ezie
#--- Edit End ---

For the last error, there is already an unresolved bug report.

I am not a developer and can not PHP. Therefore, this solution is only temporary. Probably is missing a complete phrase. I hope a developer solves the problem.

Debug: ezpI18n::translateText  May 26 2011 03:17:28
Missing translation for message in context: 'design/admin/setup/cache'. The untranslated message is: ''

The errors are in the lines 66 and 172. The phrase does not contain characters. Expand both entries with a space.

<th width="39%">{''|i18n( ...
<th width="39%">{' '|i18n( ...

Then the translation file must are edited.


<source> </source>
<translation> </translation>

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