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Thursday 08 May 2003 4:24:53 am - 3 replies

Preface: I'm on virtual hosting with no shell access.

Install went about as smoothly as I could expect it to, much better than my attempts a while ago with 2.x.

Unfortunately, at the last step of the install, there were no instructions on how to access the administration interface(or which username and password to use.) Index.php shows only a navigation bar. How can I proceed?

Thursday 08 May 2003 7:00:50 am

The README.txt says to read doc/INSTALL or

I also suggest this be added in the Virtualhost setup instructions to block access to sensitive files (check the ezpublish version number):

<Directory YOUR_EZPUBLISH_PATH/settings/>
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Options None
AllowOverride None

Modified on Thursday 08 May 2003 7:20:30 am by Scot Wilcoxon

Thursday 08 May 2003 7:54:51 am

You can acces your administration interface like this:

http://yourdomain/your path to the ez/index.php/admin


P.s. Sorry for my bad english

Thursday 08 May 2003 8:39:16 pm

If you are on a virtual host system, you can access your admin site with

Login with "admin" / "publish".


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