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Installing using Composer

Installing using Composer

Friday 19 April 2013 12:25:42 pm - 3 replies

I am setting up a new project using eZ publish 5, and was experimenting with using PhpStorm and a VM managed with Vagrant for development. I have my VM running with eZ Publish automatically installed to run my site on the VM; no problems there.

What I want to do next is make the eZ Publish classes available to my IDE as an external library for code checking, auto-complete, etc. Rather than do this manually, I thought I could automate this using Composer to download everything into my project. However, I found two problems:

  1. None of the packages available at will install for me; every one I have tried fails due to broken dependencies of some sort.
  2. There is no package tagged with a version number that equates to a specific community release; there are only dev builds. Which would make it impossible to develop against a fixed version.

So, I was wondering if anyone was actively looking after the packages uploaded to Packagist, and if there was any interest in fixing these problems? Otherwise, I will abandon this path and find a different solution.



Friday 19 April 2013 1:21:30 pm

This is how i am working with PHPStorm and VM's, not a complete answer to your questions regarding composer and packagist, but maybe helpful:

You could use PHPStorm's build in deployment feature to download all project files from your VM to your local machine over ssh/sftp.

When doing so, you should exclude your cache and var directories (see deployment settings) because the cache files can cause problems with PHPStorm's file indexing.

PHPStorm can also upload your local changes automatically to a default deployment server, if configured correctly.

Friday 19 April 2013 1:46:43 pm

Thanks Daniel. I shall certainly try that until I can get the Composer approach working.

Thursday 09 May 2013 12:12:58 pm

Quote from David Edwards :

There is no package tagged with a version number that equates to a specific community release; there are only dev builds.

I see there is now a version 2013.04.0 of ezpublish-community uploaded the Packagist. This is great. Some of its dependencies are still dev versions, though. Does anyone know who looks after this?


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