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Intergrating ezPublish and phpBB

Intergrating ezPublish and phpBB

Saturday 06 March 2004 9:29:52 am - 10 replies

I was just wondering whether anyone has had any success in integrating ezPublish with the phpBB forum software??

I have an existing phpBB forum and wish to use the ezPublish software.


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Friday 19 March 2004 12:16:21 pm

Hi Matt,

I have done this kind of implementation to one portal.
I just wrote an IntegratorLogin script that does the job.
With that module you can include almoust any 3rd party software with eZ...
Keeping the databases of each software, and if wanted to share eZ's user permissions in the other program also.

I'm sorry that I cannot give it to community use. But I can give hints how to accomplish this kind of thing.


Friday 19 March 2004 9:18:03 pm


If you give some tips then please post them.


Monday 29 March 2004 1:20:08 am

Can you drop me a line re: this topic.
fudd @
I would appreciate any help you can give.

Monday 29 March 2004 1:33:54 am

Hi Jerry,

Some rough tips if you can give them would be great.

Even just an outline of the module and how it would interact between the two, if you can't give any example code.

Thanks in advance,

John Dalton

Wednesday 19 May 2004 9:46:24 pm

Did this topic get anywhere?

I would really appreciate any tips about this blunk.gif Emoticon


Thursday 20 May 2004 1:36:14 am

Hi Tim,

There was another post on the topic over here:

That post referenced this package on PHPClasses, which looks promising.

I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like it ought to do the job. The difficulty I have is getting existing phpBB users registered as users in EZPublish, so that they can just log in to EZPublish and have that class log them in to phpBB at the same time.

Thursday 24 February 2005 10:05:32 am

hi jerry can you send me the tips too???
my email add is

Thursday 24 February 2005 6:43:38 pm


You may have noticed that the last post to this discussion was over a year ago; as far as a few of us have determined, those who produced this code - and the other integration mentioned elsewhere in the forum - have since disappeared, and left no code (<b>if anyone has a working integration, please shout now! We're very keen for working code!</b>blunk.gif Emoticon

I am currently working on an integrator for external forums and other 3rd party apps, that handles user registration, login/logout, etc. I hope to post some code when it's working - but it's some way yet. I've just had to re-install ezPublish due to unrelated corruption - and so my primary focus right now is getting the site I'm working on back to a basic state.

There will be progress soon though - I have a deadline of 2 weeks to have this project done!


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Monday 08 January 2007 11:43:41 pm


how far have you gone with your integrator for external forums and other 3rd party apps?
Anyone tackled this.


Tuesday 09 January 2007 12:47:34 am

After a little thought recently about shared authentication the other day. I arrived at this idea.

I need xyz application to share authentication with zxy application.
This is a need / topic that continues to arise all the time between all kinds of applications.

What you need is a flexible way to authenticate, from many different sources, using a system which acts as a connector between different applications, like provides LDAP. It is a standard for this kind of authentication, all an applications need is a connector to LDAP and support for it in their application's authentication/user/etc systems.

Great news, eZ publish supports ldap! The next question is does your application? If so why not avoid a static solution with a flexible solution.

With a single search I found that a few people have also needed 'phpBB' + ldap support. It looks like it's only a matter of setting up and configuring ldap services, groups, accounts (possible import..) and configure each application to use ldap as the storage and retrieval of authentication.

I thought of this as a result of solution searching for shared authentication using horde and wordpress oddly enough.

Problem reduced, not eliminated? Your thoughts ...

<i>Penn & Teller - ******** ...</i>

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