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Is there an ideal httpd.conf ?

Is there an ideal httpd.conf ?

Thursday 25 January 2007 10:52:59 am - 3 replies

Hi everybody!
In order to finally success in running eZ publish, I took a dedicated hosting.
I have one server just to use eZ publish. But obviously all settings that seemed natural on every shared hostings disappeared and my hoster let me do all the job.
I am just developper not a good administrator and I have few problems to configure my apache well. Do you know how could be the ideal httpd.conf file ? A httpd.conf that could make eZ publish run the best way it can?

Thursday 25 January 2007 1:54:28 pm

I don't touch httpd.conf, but add virtual config files under conf.d (depends on your distrib).

Have a look at the install doc for the virtual host config here, they have the proper config described if you want to use nice urls (and you want, I'm sure blunk.gif Emoticon


Thursday 25 January 2007 3:25:43 pm

I also put the rewrite rules ( <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> ... </IfModule> ) inside one seperate file, which I include in all regular eZ publish virtual hosts with the Include directive.

Thursday 25 January 2007 11:09:52 pm

It's not possible to create a ideal httpd.conf for eZ publish becouse all servers need there own configuration based on:

* Number of sites
* Number of hits
* Hardware (cpu/mem)
* bandwidth available
* Number of unique users


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