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Is there an up-to-date deployment checklist anywhere?

Is there an up-to-date deployment checklist anywhere?

Sunday 31 May 2015 12:15:50 pm - 2 replies


I found (completely unofficial) deployment checklist dating back to 2011.

I was wondering if there was a resource that has been put together since eZ5 was released, as it would be extremely useful

Or maybe this 2011 checklist would still be valid?





Monday 01 June 2015 8:16:43 am

Hi Barry,

I'll see if I can ping Gaetano and check if this list is still accurate. 


Best, Robin

Monday 01 June 2015 2:33:16 pm

Hello Barry,

The blog post is still accurate but it is for eZ Publish Legacy.

So another checklist specifically for eZ Publish Platform 5 New stack (including Legacy) would be helpful.

It could also include a revised and improved checklist of steps from the Legacy-only checklist based on the suggestions provided in the comments of the blog post.

Also a new checklist specific for eZ Platform (without legacy) would also be helpful.

Sounds like potential subject matter opportunities for the bloggers happy.gif Emoticon


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