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Is virtual host essential for installing eZ Publish 5 Community?

Is virtual host essential for installing eZ Publish 5 Community?

Thursday 11 July 2013 10:13:43 am - 5 replies

I want to install eZ Publish 5 Community Project on Windows 7. Is virtual host essential ?

Saturday 13 July 2013 4:05:23 pm

Hey Jianjun,

Go for it! I enjoyed the stars a lot, thank you. 

vhosts are not essential. If you meant something like mandatory or obligatory the answer remains: no, its not.

A cite from your linked page: 

"(Optional) Configure a VirtualHost"Maybe I got you completly wrong, if so, we should define the term essentialism pragmatically blunk.gif Emoticon Cheerio Chris

Monday 15 July 2013 3:49:31 am

Hello Jianjun,

While 'virtual host' is not required to use eZ Publish it is strongly recommended.

We at BC almost always use 'virtual host' when working with eZ Publish.



Wednesday 17 July 2013 9:26:18 pm

In the end a virtualhost should not be needed, just as in eZPublish 4.

As Heath says, having a vhost is always a good idea for all usecases except developer's computers.

As for status of supporting non-vhost mode, there are currently a couple of bugs open iirc: one with the REST API and one with the setup wizard

Thursday 01 August 2013 12:06:03 am

You can still use a virtual host even when hosting / working on a site using windows7. Apache and Windows Host file used together support it!


Wednesday 28 August 2013 8:33:11 am

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