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Just one more question...

Just one more question...

Tuesday 01 April 2003 10:20:54 pm - 3 replies

(I hope...)

I finally got EZ up and running. But I'm having a bit of an url-problem. I installed ez so that it can run from http://ezpublish.webjournalist.no. When I use that adress, I'm forwarded to the admin page. I've tried reading a bit of the siteaccess manual (http://www.ez.no/manual/install/siteaccess) but have to admit that I'm not all that wiser.

All I want is to be able to run Ez from http://ezpublish.webjournalist.no/index.php and admin from http://ezpublish.webjournalist.no/index.php/admin. (this is only a testing site - my main site runs very elegantly on the previous ez version)

Is there a URL-guide for dummies out there? Or even better, anyone that could explain how to do this?

Many thanks,

Wednesday 02 April 2003 12:44:19 am

In site.ini section [SiteSetting] you find the following part by default:

# Which page to show when the root index (/) is accessed

here you define what should be showed up by referencing the index page.

Wednesday 02 April 2003 6:07:21 am

I discovered that I have to go to website.com/index.pbp/demo to see the webpage.

(Again I confess, Newbie!)

Modified on Wednesday 02 April 2003 9:34:23 am by kenneth kvalvik

Wednesday 02 April 2003 9:34:41 am

Take a look at http://ezwiki.blanko.info/index.php/3XPS_UserSite



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