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LDAPS with ez publish

LDAPS with ez publish

Monday 13 December 2010 9:56:36 am - 1 reply

I am new to ez publish. I found some documentation to use LDAP authentication for ez publish, I made the changes required to the configuration files but am not able to get LDAPS authentication to work with ez publish. How can I get LDAPS to work with ezpublish? Is there anything else I have to do to get it to work? Can LDAPS be used with ezpublish?

Monday 13 December 2010 1:59:54 pm

First of all, you must know on what you want to connect and where it is.

You have to get the LDAP URI (something like ldap:://mydomain.com:389) and the DN (something cn=admin,dn=mydomain,dn=com).

Then, you need to make an override to the ldap.ini, don't change directly the settings. If it's only for test purpose you can do it of course.

Be sure to correctly set all the parameters for the connection and the DN and attribute to do the connection on.

Look in this file, there's a lot of information about how to configure eZPublish and what you can do.

Another point, enable the debug and look in the error files /var/log/error.log, if there's a problem, it will appear here.

Finally, to test it, ensure you can watch in your directory with a directory browser (such as PHPLDAPAdmin or Apache Directory Studio).

To test the connection, you've got to create a user in your directory and try to log in with this account. If the account is validated (login and password both valid), the user will be created in eZPublish.

If you get some difficulties, don't hesitate to publish your LDAP.ini, we will be more able to help you.


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