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MachForm kernel 20 no module found

MachForm kernel 20 no module found

Sunday 24 November 2013 7:17:14 pm - 1 reply

I just copied a site to another server. In the admin interface clicking the MachForms tab repeats a second row of tabs and shows the error 

You are here: Error / kernel (20)  The requested page could not be displayed. (20)

The extension seems to be present in the extensions folder. The error log shows:

Error ocurred using URI: /extension/machform/standalone/manage_form.php.

Any ideas?

Saturday 30 November 2013 11:07:54 am

This unique index gives a fatal error whenever one edits an item with an image. The new version of the item gets a fresh copy of the same image file inserted into ezimagefile, which is not allowed.


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