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max_execution time exceeded

max_execution time exceeded

Thursday 23 October 2003 4:36:12 pm - 3 replies

I made a fresh installation of EzP 3.2.2 but the wizard alert me that's impossible, for EzP, to work with a max_execution_time of 5, like it's setting now in the php.ini. So, I must ask my hoster to modify this but.. what is the minimum time to allow EzP working without problems? Many tnx for all answers blunk.gif Emoticon

Thursday 23 October 2003 4:42:15 pm

I believe the max execution time warning (within the setup wizard) can be ignored by checking the "Ignore this test" checkbox. Simply ignore the test and see what happens.

As for 5 -> did you mean "five seconds"? That sounds like a very short execution-time setting. I'm not sure that all functionality of eZ publish will execute correctly within such a short time frame.


Thursday 23 October 2003 7:59:17 pm

Yes, in fact, I've ignored and completed installation and yes newly, 5 means five seconds and is too short time, EzP don't work happy.gif Emoticon
I need to know the minimum time EzP need to work correctly, pls

Friday 24 October 2003 2:42:38 pm


5 seconds is more than enough during normal usage, but when installing the site (generating templates, ini-settings, database), it's not enough.

Try getting your isp to change it to at least 15 seconds.


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