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meta - Title where is it ?

meta - Title where is it ?

Friday 06 December 2013 6:20:07 pm - 10 replies


I have just taken on an ez publish site and need to change the meta title urgently (the right part) not the part that is added with page name.

I have searched all day through the files and the DB but can not find where it is I added SiteName=My title..

to site.ini.append but that apparently is not it,

I have searched the template files as I figure its in there somewhere but I can not find it and there are several template directories (in /design)??

I am an old fashioned hand coding webmaster and just the sheer amount of files I downloaded is awesome over 450Go I am not used to this can somebody point me in the right direction pls


Friday 06 December 2013 11:01:28 pm

Hi Phil,

Well, we are in the transition times (the 5.* stack has dual kernel, the new one and the legacy one) so thing are even more complicated.

So to help you it would be good to know what exactly version do you have, are you in legacy completely  or use the new templates (twig)?

Sunday 08 December 2013 2:21:06 pm

HI Ivo
Thank you very much for your answer I appreciate it, as I said apart from a few word press installs, Oscommece and some years ago PHPNuke I am not so familiar with and do not use much CMS..
So I am lost here, I hand code all my sites traditionaly, different approach.
I just notice that for a 30 page web site there are thousands of files with a wheight of around 450Mo..
Firstly the EZ version : 5.3.15
I am not sure what you mean by:
"are you in legacy completely"
I am not sure how to find the template curently in use. I do not see any information in the site admin on this either
I read that there is a "look and feel" button somewhere but can not find it, (this site admin is in French BTW..)
So in the design folder which I assume is the place to look I have these directories :
I do not see any basic template file where I can modify or add head meta tags

Sunday 08 December 2013 3:11:22 pm

I just wanted to add, after going over this again that the site is in 3 languages so I deduce that

the template file is not where to modify the meta head tags unless of course its a php variable

then I just need to find the corresponding  language files..

Sunday 08 December 2013 4:14:17 pm

Ok I got it 

happy.gif Emoticon

Sunday 08 December 2013 5:52:57 pm

Ok I got that part Ok the meta titles and descriptions In sections/design..

There are bunch of unchecked templates in there

but the active one does not have a name, could it be the default one ?


But I still need to add some meta tags for example the google verify tag..

Monday 09 December 2013 11:54:52 am

Hi Phil,

The best way to find what template is used (at least in legacy kernel that you are using) is to enable debugging in site.ini. There are several levels of debugging, the most important is the general Debug switch and the "List of templates used" switch. You can see all settings regarding debugging in /settings/site.ini under [DebugSettings]. Apply your settings in /settings/override/site.ini.append.php under the same section and then clear INI cache.

Btw, eZ Version 5.3.15 doesn't exist yet happy.gif Emoticon latest is 5.2 EE and 2013.11 CE.

450MB is due to both kernels being bundled: the whole legacy stuff built in last 10 years + new stuff with the Symfony framework. 

With all this code it seems that you have a oversized hammer for your small nail happy.gif Emoticon But eZ is better suited for bigger projects anyway, its an overkill for very smaller projects especially if its done by a beginner. 

Wednesday 11 December 2013 5:27:53 pm

Using eZ for a 30 page site is like bringing a tank to shoot a fly. You're better off using Drupal, or even better: Rails.

Modified on Wednesday 11 December 2013 5:41:43 pm by S V

Wednesday 11 December 2013 8:52:39 pm

If you can survive it, it can be an interesting learning experience blunk.gif Emoticon


1. the version you quote is probably for the PHP language, not for eZ.

2. a big chunk of what you download can be cache files. eZ is a very dynamic app, and creates a lot of caches to speed up processing after the 1st page load. You do not need to download all the caches to inspect/modify the site

3. supposing you are using "pure eZ 4", design files are in 2 places: /design/<xxx> and /extension/<yyy>/design/<xxx>. In fact most of the templates used for a customized site will be found in the latter

4. to see the names of the "designs" active for your frontend site: connect to the admin interface, go to setup => ini settings, choose "site.ini" from the list of ini files and the name of the frontend site from the other pulldown menu, then look for a group of settings called DesignSettings. In there you will find a value for SiteDesign and one or more for AdditionalSiteDesignList. What this means is that your frontend site will use templates coming from those designs, be they in /design or in /extension/<yyy>/design, but not files coming from other designs

5. a template can write the name of the site in a META tag either by having it hardcoded in the .tpl file itself, or by reading yet another ini file. So when you grep, do not grep for the name of the site, but fore the name of the meta tag

As told by Ivo, the most important step to get started is to enable debug and get the list of used templates displayed at the bottom of the page

Monday 23 December 2013 2:19:32 pm


I wanted to thank everybody here for these answers, It has been a great help.

I have managed to do mostly everything I wanted now thanks to you.

What I agree upon the most is that this CMS is not suited for such a site, additionaly I do not like the SEO options with the site name being repeated on every page META TITLE and the page title + menu item added on automaticaly there.. it is a repetition I try to avoid on all my sites, I imagine that there is a way around this but I have decided with my client to go for a whole new site, hand crafted/coded as is my usual way, I like to have all my pages source code available and this site does not allow it.

When I look at all the white space that is generated in the source I freak out happy.gif Emoticon

So thanks again and all the best for 2014

may it be a good year for everybody !!


Monday 23 December 2013 2:25:02 pm

Hi Phil,

Just to help some other viewer of this thread with similar problems, there is a great extension with which you can easily customise meta data per object.

All the best to you too happy.gif Emoticon


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