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Missing tables for eztags

Missing tables for eztags

Monday 17 June 2013 2:58:44 pm - 2 replies

Hello guys,

As I can remember there are still missing tables for eztags extension. I have installed a clear 2013.6 version (demo_site) and there is again missing tables eztags and eztags_attribute_link. Is there any reason for this? Why those tables are not created during installation process (like tables for ezcomment)?

Monday 17 June 2013 3:52:02 pm

Hi Radek,

As far as I remember, there was a a discussion here on about eZ Publish installer not being able to run SQL queries from bundled extensions (that is, not installed through the packages).

I can't seem to find it now, but maybe Nicolas can shed some light on it?

Tuesday 18 June 2013 2:39:50 pm

Good to know happy.gif Emoticon



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