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MSCHAP -- need no login -- any ideas?

MSCHAP -- need no login -- any ideas?

Thursday 30 October 2003 2:12:09 pm

Hi One and All,

our Intranet is based on eZ publish 2.2 and will soon be 3.2.

It is running on MS Windows 2000 Server, an Apache webserver, and MySQL. So it's pretty much a L.A.M.P. solution only with Windows instead of Linux.

The advantage of having an integrated Win/Win solution (Client/Server) is that every user's credentials (name & password) are known on each server, so the user needs not "login" to his mail server, then his web server, the file servers, the sql servers etc. etc. This is possible thru the MSCHAP (Microsoft chellange / response) protocol.

My Q is as follows: Is it possible to configure eZ Publish so that a logon happens transparently to the user, in the background?

All information we need is available in the Server variable HTTP_USER which holds a string like "PRODUCTION\Smith" where production is the domain and Smith is the name.

Thank you very much indeed.


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