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mysql Initialization failed

mysql Initialization failed

Thursday 19 June 2003 3:23:17 pm - 7 replies

when i try to Initialize the Database i get this error message:

Initialization failed
The database could not be properly initialized.
Column 'contentobject_id' is used with UNIQUE or INDEX but is not defined as NOT NULL
MySQL Error #1121

my db contains data and i checkedĀ“"Continue but leave the data as it is.
" who can help me?

bye zack

Thursday 19 June 2003 4:32:48 pm


did you do the initialisation by hand or via the install tool?

I am guessing you don't want any of the data in the db so if you can go to the DB drop the tables. Then run

mysql -uxxx -pxxx mydb < kernel/sql/mysql/kernel_clean.sql

This will create a clean db for you.

I hope this helps


Friday 20 June 2003 7:15:37 am

i install by the install tool. no, i need the other tables in the db. i can`t drop them.


Monday 23 June 2003 7:48:02 am

is there no way to install the tables manually perhaps with a sql file?


Monday 23 June 2003 12:32:11 pm


This is what this does. It installs the tables manually

mysql -uxxx -pxxx mydb < kernel/sql/mysql/kernel_clean.sql

Give it a try, but remember to drop the tables beforehand to clear out data.

phpMyAdmin is good for this if you are not happy doing it from the command line.


Monday 23 June 2003 1:30:34 pm

thanks but now i get this error message:


SQL-Command :

INSERT INTO ezcontentclass( id, version, name, identifier, contentobject_name, creator_id, modifier_id, created, modified )
VALUES ( 1, 0, 'Folder', 'folder', '<name>' , - 1, 14, 1024392098, 1048494694 )

MySQL announces:

Table 'DB18384.ezcontentclass' doesn't exist

but my DB is called DB18384. i do not know where the error is.


Monday 23 June 2003 1:52:19 pm

Try creating a new empty db and issuing the mysql command again. Sounds like there is content within the db already.

If you are getting errors when going through the setup try and skip that phase.

Modified on Monday 23 June 2003 1:52:59 pm by Paul Forsyth

Monday 23 June 2003 2:29:52 pm

i can`t create an new empty db. i have only this db and it contains other tables, which i can`t drop. other applications use this db too. does ezp need a empty db?


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