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Need Video/Flash player class

Need Video/Flash player class

Tuesday 08 February 2011 5:41:46 pm - 3 replies

I want to upload and show a video on my site. I have tried to use the QuickTime class, but that will first download the whole video before starting to play /the video is 45 minutes long). I believe the best option is to convert the video to a FLV file and use the "Video/Flash player" instead.

However, on my installation (webin) this class is not present. Is it only installed with eZ Flow or is it part of eZ Components? How can I add this class to my installation?

Tuesday 08 February 2011 6:28:49 pm


Video buffer has nothing to see with video format. I guess you can adjust video buffer to a few seconds with any format.

But its true its easy to adjust - maybe more documented too - on a flash media player.

Here is how to create your class and make it work on public website if you wanna go in flash way :

1/ Go to admin -> classes -> media -> new class

2/ Add your attributes (name (text-field), description (text-block), file (file))

3/ Create template for your custom classes and make the class/template match in override.ini

4/ Adjust your template to get what you want


Tuesday 08 February 2011 10:23:00 pm

Hi Jeroen,

What you could also try, when you have an eZ Flow instance installed, is to login to it's back end, go to Setup > Packages. Create a new export, select content class, then select the Video/Flash player class. It will create an .ezpgk.

Now go to your eZ Webin install, again login to the back end and go to Setup > Packages, this time use the import and install that newly created package.

I just performed a quick test, and the class was installed without errors between an eZ Flow 4.4 and eZ Publish - Webin 4.4. Not actually created an object, just wanted to let you know this method is available also.

Regards Robin

Wednesday 09 February 2011 7:41:39 am

I know that I can manually create the class, but what I am more interested in is the design. I assume the class comes with a Flash video player to display the FLV file.

I hoped that this class with all corresponding files would be available as a package, but it looks like I have to make a new eZ Flow installation and copy the files over.


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