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No HTTP file found, cannot fetch uploaded file

No HTTP file found, cannot fetch uploaded file

Sunday 26 February 2012 10:12:56 am - 2 replies

Wanted to relay a solution for an issue related to an error when trying to upload image files to a site after the initial config.

Our environment is windows 2008 / IIS7 / php 5.3.10.

After installation all image uploads would fail with the error: "No HTTP file found, cannot fetch uploaded file".  Everything else was working normally.

We determined after much debugging that the issue was related to the upload_tmp_dir setting in the php.ini file.  No matter what we set it to or how many times we restarted IIS (we never really got to rebooting the machine) we could not get php to use the value we set in the php.ini file.  It just kept using "C:\Windows\Temp".

Finally we conceded and had to allow Everyone read/write access to "C:\Windows\Temp".  We tried just giving IIS_IUSR read/write access, but that didnt solve the problem.  Had to be Everyone.

Hope this saves some people some time.

Sunday 26 February 2012 11:06:42 am

This is weird and rather scary... I would not go in production with anyone having write  access to my systemwide temporary directory. If you really cannot change the upload_tmp_dir on windows (I can't test that on my side...), I would consider that a php bug on that platform and report it to the php team.

Are you really sure you are updating the correct ini file and that there is no override that would set it back to default (per vhost ini directives or such...) ?

Sunday 26 February 2012 8:22:58 pm

Agreed - certainly not a great solution to the problem.  Its a fresh install of php 5.3.10 and best I can tell I'm editing the only php.ini file.  I checked phpinfo and it supports that the ini file I'm working on is the one its loaded - but its certainly possible I'm missing something else.

Windows is currently just our dev box as we evaluate/develop with ez publish for the first time - production would most likely be running on rhel.


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