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No route found for "GET /" ?

No route found for "GET /" ?

Wednesday 29 July 2015 1:42:39 pm - 1 reply

hey guys,
after struggeling hours to install ezPublish i finally thought i got a working installtion but.
Now i got this hopefully final Error:

No route found for "GET /" 

If i try the route "/shell" as described sometimes i do get the following Error:

Could not find 'Content' with identifier 'array ('id' => 10,'languages' => NULL,'versionNo' => 2,)'

For me as a Newbie it might look like Content inside the DB is missing?
What i did is:

  1. composer run-script post-install-cmd
  2. setup the VHost (was a pain )
  3. php ezpublish/console ezplatform:install --env prod demo-clean
  4. opened my browser ... and got the Error on top.


I really need help because i installed it now the third time, without any success to take a look at the system at all.
THX a lot, *m

Thursday 30 July 2015 3:48:20 pm

Hi Michael.

There had been an error in the build process, and the wrong version of the demobundle was used. The one you have has an error in the demo-clean SQL file.

The archive has been replaced with a clean one. The easiest would be to just drop yours (DB included) and start from scratch. It doesn't take that much time anyway. You could also:

- rm -rf vendor/ezsystems/demobundle
- composer update --no-dev --prefer-dist ezsystems/demobundle (it should get the fixed one)
- re-execute the installer

By the way, the demo install, instead of demo-clean might be a better candidate to try the product happy.gif Emoticon



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