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"No space left on device" message - but incorrect

"No space left on device" message - but incorrect

Friday 01 August 2014 9:24:44 am - 3 replies

Hello eZ Community,

today I had a very strange behavior with ez publish. I called a customers' website and wondered that there were no images or navigation elements are visible. I found the following message in debug output:


session_start(): open(/var/lib/php5/sess_ufjca5bqo9vrf174r4568ldm83, O_RDWR) failed: No space left on device (28) in /var/vhosts/hostname/html/lib/ezsession/classes/ezsession.php on line 361

and also

 Could not open file 'var/customer/cache/template/compiled/login-08cc8706a491a51d425be2350b22cdf9.php.d5bd8d7895f4767847a60788098e15ab' for writing, perhaps wrong permissions

Very strange. I connected to the server via SSH to get hardware information. There are 6.5GB available on harddisk, and I have no idea why I get this "no space left on device" message...

All directories in "var" are set to 0777.

After clearing eZ Cache everything is running fine.

Now I have the following quetions:

  1. Why do I get this "no space left on device" message?
  2. What's the relationship between eZ cache and PHPs session folder?

I would be grateful if someone had an idea what caused this problem.

Thanks in advance. Philip

Friday 01 August 2014 10:54:02 am

there is no relation between session files and cache files. but both share the same quality: if they can not be written, site will not work.

as for out-of-space on hdd: in linux it is sometimes tricky to measure free space on hdd. if you use df and du you can get wildly different numbers. one reason is f.e. when you delete a file, but some process still keeps it open. One case I have recently seen solved magically itself by restarting apache. The culprit was a multi-gigabyte log file which the sysadmin had deleted from disk, but was still "lingering" because open

Friday 01 August 2014 2:25:45 pm

Another typical problem is the run out of inodes on the disk when the system is generating a lot of mini files like session or cache files. When "df" tells you there is disk space check the output of "df -i" too.


Friday 01 August 2014 3:00:57 pm

You are right. I deleted some old backup folders (that contained thousands of .svn files) and increased servers' inodes limit.

Thanks @Artur for your support!



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