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Odd problem with SSL zones

Odd problem with SSL zones

Thursday 27 August 2009 7:40:11 pm - 1 reply

I decided to install a SSL certificate on the webserver for use while people are logging in and registering.

I came across a very strange bug, and I can't figure out where it's coming from. My SSL config looks like this:


As soon as I enabled <i>SSLZones</i>, user logins broke. For some strange reason, it inserts an extra <b>index.php/eng</b> in the URL, so you get a "can't find the modules" error:


I've been scrounging through the ini files and I can't see where this is being inserted. Disabling SSLZones makes the problem go away.

If you try checking the "Login to administration interface" it won't automatically login like it should, it just directs you to the administration login page. Try logging in there and you get a similar error:


On that one there's an extra <b>index.php</b> in the URL.

Anyone have any clue as to what's going on?

Modified on Thursday 27 August 2009 7:41:22 pm by Daniel Frey

Tuesday 01 September 2009 9:10:17 pm

After much head-scratching, I discovered the default values written to the SiteURL variable in a myriad of places were incorrect. Correcting them made the problems go away.


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